Meet Jean Marie Zimmermann

Jean-Marie has recently been awarded the prestigious title Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Chef Zimmermann offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bringing a concept into a kitchen. His career at sea started with Celebrity Cruises then followed by 10 years of launching the 3 Cunard Queens and implementing and designing Cunard’s new award winning restaurant ‘The Verandah’. His time at sea inspired him to bring his international cuisine on land and to his award winning restaurant in France.

Catering for so many different nationalities, well known celebrities and royalty for most of this life has formed his cuisine. The French touch however always remains a key element. His menus are tailored made to cater for the individual requirements of a restaurant. He strongly believes that the entire package has to match. Apart from offering a mouth watering menu, it is important that a certain ambiance is created.

The chef has started a mutual venture, together with his artist daughter, Elise Zimmermann, to combine the culinary aspect with the right decor, so to speak to create the mise en place of the dining experience. His charity consultancy in the US means that half of his time is spent between his new land based restaurant La Jabotière and various commitments in New York.

During his career

Jean-Marie has been in charge of over 50 restaurants on land and at sea

Professional Chef Jean Marie Zimmermann

2015 | has been honoured with the prestigious title Maîtres Cuisiniers de France.

2015 | launch of Culinary Concepts and Design.

2013 | opening of his restaurant La Jabotière, in Royan.

2012 | La Verandah on board Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth wins Best Restaurant at Sea.

2010 | various TV appearances on Gourmet Live in the US. Chef Zimmermann shares his favourite recipes on US TV .

2009 | Receives acknowledgement by James Beard Foundation, after hosting a meal on board Queen Mary 2. Chef Zimmermann joins the culinary superstars such as Daniel Boulud, Nobu Matsuhisa who have delighted the palates of members of the James Beard Foundation, one of America’s most well known culinary art organizations.

2009 | Chef Zimmermann’s role changed from Executive Chef to Culinary Ambassador for Cunard.  He brings creativity, concept and consistency to the menus across the fleet.

2008 | his cuisine is covered by Healthy Eating Magazine Atlanta.

2003 | starts his career with Cunard, with the task to launch their new Liner Queen Mary 2.

1993 | friend and fellow Three-Star Michelin Chef Michel Roux tapped him to serve as Corporate Chef for Celebrity Cruises launching Chef Zimmermann’s career at sea.

Late 1980 | served as president of Euro-Toque under the direction of the creator of the evolutionary culinary movement, Paul Bocuse.

Earlier | Chef proprietor operating his own fine dining restaurant, the Warrener, which earned him a Michelin Red M and an Egon Ronay Star.

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